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The Village

Since June 2014, The Village by CA has been popping up everywhere in France, with the goal of energizing regional economies through supporting local innovation. These new Villages by CA now constitute a vast network of startups and companies meeting and forging relationships around a single ambition: Cooperation for innovation.

The largest French start-up acceleration network!

Nearly 950 startups are currently benefiting from various Village acceleration programs, in cooperation with more than 600 partner companies.

A unique concept in France, the Village by CA network is the only actor to cover the entire country with its personalized proposal – allowing accelerated startups to increase their turnover and find new outlets.

The Village by CA Finistère in the heart of the Capucins, emblematic building of the FrenchTech Brest +

Located in Brest’s Capucins neighbourhood, the Village by CA Finistère supports innovation in all its aspects. This space aims to encourage the meeting and cooperation of local actors: collaborators, startups, SMEs, major groups, students, researchers, and more. Together, they will innovate and create new opportunities for business around 4 fields of excellence: the sea, cybersecurity, health/aging, and agriculture/agribusiness.

Cooperation for innovation takes on its true meaning

A virtuous circle in which the skills, expertise and knowledge of each actor are contributed to the benefit of others: from startups hosted (or not) in the Village to the companies or organizations that contribute their know-how and instil new dynamics.

Completely geared towards the acceleration of innovative products and services, stimulating creativity, bringing to light accomplishments and organizing numerous business meetings, the Village by CA Finistère acts as a major support tool for businesses. It is a true catalyst for innovation and transformation in service of one single ambition: regional economic development.

As a united force in the Village, we will reinforce your assets in order to get your development off the ground through innovation.

The Village



As the foremost startup and company cooperative, the Village by CA Finistère aims to unite every regional actor around the following 5 values:

Territoriality “Serving the economic development and attractiveness of the Finistère.”

Cooperation “Committing to community-oriented activities in order to grow together.”

Reciprocity “Giving to receive.”

Desire “Demonstrating motivation, determination and perseverance.”

Realism “Supporting businesses that develop innovative products and services to answer tangible needs.”

The Village




From cultivating the land to transforming and distributing foodstuffs, as well as livestock farming and the improvement of the state of agricultural production




From protecting digital and data management systems, to risk oversight, the combining of cybersecurity technologies to new usages in the SmartGrids domain, to the future factory, connected and autonomous transportation, and new services on the Internet of Things.



From the environment to coastal development, to maritime infrastructure and transportation, to sailing and the naval industry, as well as energy, mining and biological marine resources.



Health & Aging
From the development of surgical robots to medical technologies and equipment, to home care, to the patient’s electronic itinerary, to biotechnologies, as well as the pharmaceutical industry, the hospital sector, and the development of well-being through connected objects.

The Village


Sigolène Brun

Mayor of the Village

Gina Herry

Partner Relations Manager

Marlène Le Pennec

Communication Officer

Arnaud Le Maout

marine and cybersecurity consultant

Emmanuel Etesse

Agri-food - agriculture and health consultant

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