Le village by CA Finistère

The Village By CA Finistère

The Villages by CA network in support of business executives, for innovation and for our region

The Villages by CA network

2014 marks the beginning of The Villages by CA adventure. Prompted by the Crédit Agricole, a number of large and medium-sized companies came together to create a unique venue and network entirely given to economic development and to supporting innovative projects. It is in the heart of Paris’s business district, at 55 rue La Boétie, that the very first Village by CA was established. This unique setting set the stage for the creation of a dynamic and value-creating ecosystem.

 The Village was designed as a place for sharing and creating around four major goals :

Now the premier European start-up support network, the Village by CA is present throughout France, working toward energizing regional economies through supporting local innovation. The thirty or so Villages by CA in France and throughout the world form a vast network within which start-ups and businesses can meet and build relationships, with one unifying ambition : Cooperating for innovation.

The Network’s Power

Villages by CA opened
Start-ups alumni
Partner Businesses

The Village by CA Finistère

Facilitating Innovation

The Village by CA Finistère is the 15th of its kind and was launched in 2017 at the heart of the Ateliers des Capucins, one of Brest’s most iconic landmarks. Its organizational model as a business and start-up cooperative was entirely unprecedented and its members constitute a veritable community in which all actions are subject to collective decision-making.

Since its creation, the Village by CA Finistère has been committed to encouraging the Finistère’s economic development through innovation and cooperation between entrepreneurs and the region’s established players: Start-ups, MSCs, SMCs, major groups, institutions. A place for creating relationships, the Village provides these players with the capacity to jointly innovate and create new business opportunities, particularly around our 4 fields of excellence: the sea, cybersecurity, health, agriculture/agribusiness, and energy transitions.

After 3 years of existence, the Village has carved out its own place in the ecosystem alongside entrepreneurs and local economic entities, by proving its potential to find tangible answers to specific needs. Strengthened by its founding ideas and backed by The Villages by CA network, the Village aims to cement its expert status in supporting the start-ups and established businesses of the Finistère.

Its team of specialized and experienced consultants provides the skills needed to reinforce the Village’s capacity to support and accelerate the development of businesses, regardless of size. Buoyed by its values – Local Focus, Cooperation, Reciprocity, Desire and Realism – the Village offers personalized and pragmatic support tailored to the various phases of a start-up’s development and to the innovation requirements of businesses, in order to set them apart from the competition.

Our fields of expertise

The sea

From the environment and coastal planning to infrastructure and maritime transportation, to sailing and the shipbuilding industry, as well as marine energy, mining and biological resources.


From tilling the soil to the transformation and distribution of foodstuffs, by way of livestock farming and the improvement of agricultural production conditions.


From the protection of IT systems and of management data, to risk oversight, to the coupling of cybersecurity technologies with innovative cases in the SmartGrids field, to the future factory, to connected and autonomous transportation and new services in the Internet of Things.


From the development of surgical robots to medical equipment and technologies; from home care, the patient’s digital care pathway, and biotechnology, to the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals and the development of well-being through connected objects.

Energy transitions

From renewable energies to all the innovative solutions needed to meet the challenges of energy transition.

A multidisciplinary team at your side



of the Village by CA Finistere
Following her experience as Head of International Development in an SMC and in the banking sector, and after 10 years as Branch Director for the Crédit Agricole, Gina joined the Village in 2018 as head of Partner relations. As a Business Developer, Gina supported start-ups in the development of their sales revenue in France and throughout the world. Now, Gina manage the Village by CA Finistere’s team.


Marketing and Communication Director
Convinced of the potential value and advantages Marketing and Communications can provide to businesses of all sizes, Fanny devotes her expertise and abilities to providing organizations with the ability to develop themselves through the establishment of a global marketing and communications strategy.


Innovation consulting engineer - Sea, cybersecurity and energy transitions
As a former Flight Captain and innovation chief for his squadron in the French Air Force, Arnaud went on to continue his career as an engineer with Airbus before landing in the field of entrepreneurship in 2015. At the head of his own start-up until 2018, Arnaud now contributes his experience to businesses in the fields of the Sea and Cybersecurity.

Emmanuel ETESSE

Innovation consulting engineer - Agriculture / agribuisness, health and energy transition
After 20 years in the technical and economic fields of agriculture, Emmanuel became involved in a start-up specialized in management and data value. His ability to provide a bridge between the profession and Finance ensures the provision of comprehensive customer advice. An inquisitive and attentive person, Emmanuel is constantly on the lookout for technological evolutions.

Our Manifesto

Decidedly dedicated to local economic development, the Village by CA Finistère’s reason to exist since it opened in 2017 has been to support start-ups and established businesses in deploying innovative projects. Our ambition is to act upon the concerns of each entrepreneur in order to help them reach their goals, with care, professionalism and efficiency. We are convinced of this magnificent region’s great potential and we hope to give everyone the means to grow and to shine beyond the borders of Brittany.

Nathalie Louail, Deputy CEO of the Regional Branch of the Finistère Crédit Agricole – President of the Village by CA Finistère

Arnaud Gourret
We help businesses from the Finistère develop their strategies for innovation, regardless of their size – from start-ups to major industrial enterprises. For us, “support” means sitting down with a director, listening to them, understanding their stakes, their context and their constraints, and adapting our actions in order to provide tangible contemporary solutions, as well as rapidly and independently applicable results. Our cooperative continues to exist thanks to our proximity and our mixed governance, and due to the fact that we constantly push our staff to support entrepreneurs as best they can. Our mission is to foster local innovative solutions and to promote emerging innovations from Finistère businesses. The end goal is to put Finistère companies at the top of their respective industries.

Arnaud Gourret, Secretary General of the Finistère Crédit Agricole



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