Le village by CA Finistère


Place innovation at the heart of your growth strategy

Reach new heights and identify the best plan of action to implement for your development !

As a leader of an SMC, you are often left to your own devices when faced with strategic challenges arising within your company. The Village by CA Finistère’s team can ensure operational assistance in order to provide you with the hindsight and know-how necessary for making the right decisions and for minimizing risks in developing your company.

Our know-how

Anticipating trends in innovation

Rousing the interest of your executive team

Making your teams autonomous and flexible

Securing the solution’s integration

Helping find the best solution

Our packaged deals


Got a thorn in your side ?

Got an issue that you can’t find a solution for ?

Take part in our group intelligence sessions held between company directors in order to help resolve your issue. These cooperative brainstorming and interactive sessions between directors and experts help develop collective intelligence. These meetings help generate ideas and activate new levers in business development.

Come together as company directors to think and innovate toward progress.


I’m going for it !

A digital diagnosis to quickly help identify the processes, tools or actions required to be more efficient and conquer new markets, all thanks to digital approaches.

Providing true performance leverage, the digital shift will help you optimize your value-added actions all while reducing costs for your activities.


Get some perspective while staying grounded

An offer to help decide courses of action to adopt in order to continue your development: adjusting organization, tools, offers, etc.

Thanks to a method developed through the innovation development cycle, we can help company directors and their teams get perspective and identify the best course of action on the short and medium term, as well as related innovative solutions.


Shoot for a bull’s eye and grow faster !

An offer to target innovative technologies, a qualified team that’s full of potential or new markets to conquer.

We identify and select start-ups with innovative products or services that can be integrated into your company’s value chain. As a result, you will more quickly conquer new market shares and develop your external growth.

A multidisciplinary team at your side



Manager of the Village by CA Finistère

Following her experience as Head of International Development in an SMC and in the banking sector, and after 10 years as Branch Director for the Crédit Agricole, Gina joined the Village in 2018 as head of Partner relations. As a Business Developer, Gina supported start-ups in the development of their sales revenue in France and throughout the world. Now, Gina manage the Village by CA Finistere’s team.



Marketing and Communications Director

Convinced of the potential value and advantages Marketing and Communications can provide to businesses of all sizes, Fanny devotes her expertise and abilities to providing organizations with the ability to develop themselves thanks to the establishment of a global marketing and communications strategy.


Innovation Consultant – Sea and Cybersecurity

As a former Flight Captain and innovation chief for his squadron in the French Air Force, Arnaud went on to continue his career as an engineer with Airbus before landing in the field of entrepreneurship in 2015. At the head of his own start-up until 2018, Arnaud now contributes his experience to companies in the fields of the Sea and Cybersecurity.

Emmanuel ETESSE

Innovation Consultant – Agriculture/Agribusiness

After 20 years in the technical and economic fields of agriculture, Emmanuel became involved in a start-up specialized in management and data value. His ability to bridge between the profession and finance ensures the provision of comprehensive customer advice. An inquisitive and attentive person, Emmanuel is constantly on the lookout for technological evolutions.

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