In France,8 out of 10 business say they have been affected by cyber-attacks at least once in 2018, according to the CESIN barometer (Club des Experts de la Sécurité de l’Information et du Numérique).

In the Finistère, as elsewhere, cybersecurity has become a strategic priority for organizations in all sectors of activity.

In June 2017, we began our adventure with the Village by CA and immediately chose CYBERSECURITY as one of our 4 domains of expertise, in order to support innovative projects in the region.

The growing interest of naval and industrial actors for the subject led to the idea of a Call for candidates relative to finding solutions and new ideas in the field. This was clearly a vital point of interest for our partners and for the CYBER project leaders. Now, with the help of Bretagne Développement Innovation, we are finally able to present our 1st call for CYBER applications :  The Cyber Shield Quest.


Our objective, through this collective call for candidates, is to identify and accelerate the development of the most innovative solutions that provide original answers to Cybersecurity challenges in the naval and industrial sectors.

The Cyber Shield Quest gives you the possibility of presenting your project to major cyber actors and to major industrial groups.

It is an incredible opportunity for creating, innovating, developing oneself, as well as benefiting from expert regional support.


The world’s most innovative actors depend on Thalès. We support those with the greatest of ambitions: making the world better and safer. With their wealth of expertise, talent and culture, our architect teams design a unique set of exceptional technological solutions that make tomorrow possible, today.

From the depths of the oceans to the infinity of space, or even cyberspace, we help our clients master ever-more complex environments with the goal of making faster and more efficient decisions at every critical moment.

With 80,000 collaborators in 68 countries, Thalès is an international group with a presence on every continent. It serves five essential markets for the benefit of our societies: digital identity and security, defense and security, aeronautics, space, and ground transportation.

The Shom is essential public operator of maritime and coastal geographical information.

Its mission is to understand and describe the physical marine environment, to forecast its evolution, and to ensure the dissemination of corresponding information. It specializes particularly in: bathymetry, sedimentology, coastal hydrodynamics, oceanography, engineering acquisition systems for the ocean, as well as marine and coastal geographical information.

The Shom collects and publishes reference data in these fields and provides “data intelligence” services to help sea-borne and coastal actors use data in the most optimized fashion.

Naval Group is an “integrator of systems” employing more than 13,000 people, aimed at supporting navies throughout the entirety of military ship lifecycles.

The ships designed, created and maintained by NAVAL Group are living spaces operating in hostile environments, and the group has committed itself to providing the highest levels of security and sturdiness to these constructions.

NAVAL Group has long understood the necessity of investing in innovation in order to develop and prepare the integration of new technologies with respect to naval defense specificities, an essential step for accessing more advanced operational capacities.

Naval Group is committed to ensuring the military technological superiority of its clients, as well as the highest levels of cybersecurity in a world where threats are constantly evolving.

In order to maintain this guarantee, it is in their utmost interest to anticipate the integration of numerous incremental innovations throughout the ship’s life cycle.

With its 4,800 employees and 15,200 cooperative farmers, Triskalia has established itself as a major player in the fields of agriculture, agri-food processing and specialized distribution (gardening, DIY and professional equipment). With an annual turnover of 1.9 billion euros, the cooperative group is also one of Brittany’s leading employers.

Triskalia’s fundamental goal is to sustainably promote its members’ agricultural production through a Positive Planet sustainable development initiative. As a result, Triskalia supports the development of competitive Breton agriculture based on environmental preservation, animal welfare, and the quality of its products.

The Aucy and Triskalia groups have announced their willingness to join forces to build a new cooperative agri-food Breton project, called Eureden.

Eureden will position itself as a leading actor in the cooperative agri-food sector, anchored in Brittany and radiating internationally.

With 1400 farmers and more than 6100 employees, Even is one of France’s major agribusiness actors, and is the first Breton agricultural cooperative.

Boosted by its turnover of 2.2 billion euros, it is consolidated around seminal brands (Paysan Breton, Mamie Nova, Régilait, Argel, etc.) and four complementary sectors of activity: milk and dairy products, food distribution, farmer services, and developmental activities. 

Its strong link to Brittany’s soil and its openness to the world imply a clear and strong ambition for Even: to ensure that everyone is able to feed themselves, all while sustainably creating human and economic wealth for its associated farmers, employees, for Brittany and all other regions that host it.

Axians supports its clients – private businesses, the public sector, service operators and providers – in the evolution of their infrastructures and digital services. To this end, Axians has mastered the gamut of communication and information technologies: application-based solutions and data analytics, business networks and digital work spaces, datacenters and the Cloud, telecom infrastructures, and cybersecurity.

Through its advisory, design, integration and service-oriented activities, Axians seeks to develop custom solutions for transforming technologies into added value.

Axians is a brand of VINCI Energies.

2.3 billion euros of turnover // 10,000 collaborators // 22 countries



The development of a competitive industry can only be achieved by taking into account the challenges of cybersecurity.

Technological bricks, solutions and services providing for the hardening of industrial control systems and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) are particularly sought.


The maritime sector is equipped with marine infrastructures that are sensitive to cyber threats that can have major security, economic and ecological consequences.

This call for applications will focus on cybersecurity solutions for ships.


The expected solutions in the naval and agri-food sectors are shared into 6 categories.

Cybersécurity by design, anticipating code violations and tool threats

Positioning security (jamming, ECDIS attacks, AIS, …)

Crisis management, sensitization to security in order to more efficiently counteract threats

SCADA system security (automatons, connected sensors, variations…)

Data and flow traceability (blockchains, smart contracts)

Protecting communications (internal/external, aerial, submarine)


Project leaders or researchers that wish to develop a project or promote an idea.

Technology students.

Young innovative businesses (less than 8 years old), start-ups and French or foreign business creators with a service, product or process proposal in the cyber defense and cyber security sectors, with an application in the naval and/or food industry.








Global endowment of €300 000 to be shared between 5 Incubation winners et 5 Acceleration winners ! 



Conditions for registration

You have an innovative concept or process in the field of cybersecurity, with possible applications in the naval or food industry – submit your application file !

Fill out the following form if you wish to receive the contest’s by-laws and the list of documents to provide for the application.

Charasteristics of presented projects :

They must first and foremost correspond to the challenges presented and must be relative to the entirety of technological and non-technological means of protecting maritime, naval and industrial environments (people, material and immaterial digital assets).

Selection criteria :

We pay equally close and exacting attention to the project as we do the project leaders. We are looking for motivated candidates that know how to ally rational and intuitive thinking. Projects evolve regularly during their lifetime, which is why we are seeking people who know how to listen, to adapt and to modify their perceptions of the market and their business. The idea isn’t to reward just experience, but agility and cooperation! We also evaluate criteria relative to integrity, authenticity and confidentiality.




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