31 October 2019

Exceptional Six2Nine – Tuesday, December 17, 2019 – Ateliers des Capucins BREST

Tuesday, December 17, 2019  Exceptional Six2Nine  Have you ever wondered if the era of augmented […]
18 September 2019

The agrifood and naval sectors face the challenges of cybersecurity

Photo credit : Unsplash / @ korji123 Long spared because of their lack of connected […]
18 September 2019

Six2Nine September 17th – Passion for my Business, Passion for my Life

Passion for my Business, Passion for my Life  How to strengthen the synergy between professional […]
18 September 2019

3rd call for applications from start-ups

A new start-up application campaign is launched until October 6th 2019. Responding to the 4 […]
31 July 2019


Project leaders, start-ups, become the next sea unicorn ! What is it ? An international call […]
31 July 2019


A singular opportunity to present your project to major actors in cybersecurity and to the […]
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