The Village by CA Finistère mobilizes its startup acceleration expertise in order to offer dedicated support to any company in terms of market entry for innovative products and services. Inspired by the flexible project development methods, the inventiveness, the creativity and the audacity of startuppers, and utilizing its network of experts, the Village by CA Finistère offers a whole host of solutions to help your innovative projects take off and to transform your company into a flexible and competitive organization:

Analyse, Initiate, Propel
Put innovation at the very heart of your growth! You’ve realized that innovation is inevitable, but you’re unsure as to how to move forward? We can help you discover various potential strategies to infuse innovation into your own business..

Learn, Teach, Build
Inspire innovation in all your collaborators! We offer total Village immersion in order to provide you with the opportunity to acquire and enact new approaches, which you can then bring back to your own business.

Consult, Collaborate, Develop
A market opportunity that needs evaluation? A challenge to be met? Our support is geared towards garnering interest around your challenge and towards facilitating collaboration with the external actors that will participate in your growth..

Exhibit, open, meet

Take part in inspiring events and develop your network thanks to the Village by CA Finistère animation program. From conference to hackathon, to days devoted to areas of excellence in the Village, or internationally, there are many opportunities to look outwards.

Network, Share, Celebrate
Exchange and share your experiences “informally»! With its classic café style, the Village Square is truly the place to be for residents. As a prime space for various encounters, the Village Square can also be transformed into a conference room or even into a reception hall, depending on the occasion. A single goal: to take advantage of these moments of fellowship in order to develop your innovative projects.

Integrate, Differentiate, Accelerate
Accelerate the development of one of your innovative concepts! By integrating your project team into the Village – a space for learning and cooperation. We provide companies with the opportunity to take advantage of the Village’s services and strengths, just as we do for startups.

Steer, Select, Sustain 
Adapt your innovation process to your development strategy! From defining the roadmap for your innovative projects to key follow-up indicators, and by way of funding studies, we can help you improve your innovation policy.

Communicate, Push Limits, Do Business
Transform your ideas into veritable success stories! We can help you build a favourable environment for the creation of new ideas. Once your idea has been chosen, we can help you make good on it step by step, just as we would with a startup.

Imagine, Organize, Create
Create a suitable space to encourage your collaborators’ creativity! From design to usage, we will help you develop an inspiring workspace within your company, where your collaborators can skilfully express their ideas.

Accelerate, Differentiate, Dominate
Getting your business to take off? Commercializing a new product or service? The Village by CA Finistère’s acceleration program is entirely designed to have you meet your objectives after several weeks spent alongside community experts: to transform your innovative project into a commercial success thanks to this unparalleled competitive advantage!

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